“Moving to New Domain”

Hello readers today we are happy to announce our content is going to be moved to a new domain for better features and content sharing! We are very excited to bring new features in the coming weeks please stay tuned and Subscribe to our Email list!

You can view our new website Here

New Website

Amazon Products

We will Be Adding a List of Amazon Deals in the Coming Few Posts, Please make sure to follow our blog for more updates! And leave a comment what you’d like to see shared!

Today’s first Item is Gaming/Computer Mouse Available On Amazon ;

Razer Computer Mouse

New Website Online


We are Ready!

Our New Website is Now Up and Ready to Use! Please check out our products we will be adding New Deals Weekly!

Visit Our Website

Twitter Airdrops

Basic Attention Tokens with Brave

Hi Welcome to our Blog!

Today we are Sharing a Wonderful way for you to start your crypto journey on Twitter

Please leave a comment, like and subscribe if you’re new to our Youtube!

Twitter Airdrops

Top IOS Applications

Welcome to our Blog!

Today We are going to Share with YOU IOS Apps that PAY YOU to use!

Life Coin Step Tracker, Earn Giftcards for walking and exercise!

  • Earn Gift Cards for Local Stores
  • Tracks Fitness
  • Invite Friends

Stream Free Radio with Current Music App

Current Music Free Radio

Brave Web Browser for IPhone, Earn Basic Attention Tokens up to 5ads per Hour!

Signup Here ; Brave

Basic Attention Tokens

Today We Discuss a Free Web Browser Software, Similar to Chrome or Explore, Brave Browser is a Safe Ad Free Web Browser it also pays you in Basic Attention Tokens or BAT Coins To View up to 5 ADS per Hour. Basic Attention Tokens are available on Uphold to transfer and stay updated with current market trends, it requires a Valid Identification before you Signup.

Try Brave Browser for Yourself TODAY

More Information Available HERE; How To Use Brave

Brave Browser give you the ability to Donate Basic Attention Tokens to Fellow Creators, Blogger, Youtube, Twitter and many other Social Media Accounts! It’s one of the best ways to start investing in crypto today!

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