Metaverse and NFT explained

Hi and welcome to our Blog today we’re having a look into the metaverse and NFTs ( non fungible tokens )

What is the Metaverse?

It’s a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users “live” within a digital universe.

Q? What’s are NFTs

A. NFTs are non fungible tokens meaning when u upload your artwork it automatically creates a unqiue address like a fingerprint for your artwork and only u can sell it. Even if the whole world takes a screenshot they can’t sell the exact same thing because once they upload it its going to have a different address, basically different fingerprint and everyone knows that your address is the real art work just like everyone knows the real Mona Lisa is in the museum

Q? Can I start at any age

A. Yes it dosen’t matter how old u are, if u have access to a laptop, phone and wifi your good to go!

Q? How do I buy crpyo if I’m not 18

A. Go to
And enter usd to whatever pairing of currency your looking to get which in NFTs example will be ETH which is short for Ethereum. You can purchase it with a debit card.

Q? What are gas fees

A. Gas refers to the fee required to successfully transact a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. For example OpenSea which is the largest platform to buy and sell NFTs is based on the Ethereum blockchain meaning u can only buy the NFTs in Ethereum and to buy in ethereum you have to pay a Fee called Gas fee which helps ethereum as they need the fees to keep them running. Call it a electricity bill if u may. If u sell ur NFT it’ll ask for a one time Gas fee which may range from $50-300 depending on how many people are trying to sell at the moment
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Q? How do i make money with NFTs

A. There’s millions of projects out there, and not every project will make u money. When u find a project, analyze the community, check their Twitter, their artwork and then see if they have a great community

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Example of a NFT

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